Here’s something that is literately Uber Cool for your Uber Bowl Party. The  Zoku Ice Ball [$16.95 – Set of Two]  lets you savor your favorite iced drinks on the rocks without diluting the flavor. There is a simple pleasure in adding one 2.4 inch diameter sphere of ice to your beverage instead of multiple ice cubes, especially because it melts at a very slow, even rate in your glass. Whether it’s whisky, a margarita or pink lemonade, the ice ball creates a more fulfilling taste experience. Available in red and white, the Zoku Ice Ball is easy to use. Just fill with water through the hole on the top of the  mold, and then place in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, just pull the halves apart to reveal the perfectly formed ice sphere. The Ice Ball also adds visual appeal to a beverage, making it cool in more ways than one. And yes, they come in a set of two. You really need to get a pair because all of your lady friends will love your set of balls.

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