The ZigZag Belt  [$39] made by the good people at SIMPLE.BE  is a metal-free webbing belt that is distinctive, high-contrast, high-quality, and affordable.  They are constructed of heavy duty polyester/nylon webbing making these belts super durable so they will stand-up to years of everyday wear. Not satisfied with durable and well-made, SIMPLE.BE made their ZigZag Belts stylish, fun and sophisticated as well. All of their belts are handcrafted at their factory in Oregon, USA. That’s right! Instead of sending their awesome designs overseas for cheap production, they decided to open their own factory in Oregon. Local manufacturing creates jobs and protects the environment. They also source materials from suppliers in the USA. Because they contain no metal, these belts are TSA friendly. It will not dent under your belt loops and if it gets dirty, simply toss it in the washer then let it drip dry. We were so impressed with this awesome belt that we gave it the Uber Apparatus Best of Breed Award.