Zeus Bolt Grinder [$49.99] is known for its exceptional high quality, made out of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA) strong enough to resist tough environmental pressure. Many modern buildings use anodized aluminum in places where the metal framework is exposed to the elements. The same stuff they make make airplane and space craft components. This is the reason why ZEUS Grinders are extremely hard and super-light at the same time and calibrated to grind perfectly every time. Unlike many other four piece aluminum grinders, the ZEUS Bolt Grinder comes with an awesome hard case that is air tight, making it the perfect smell-proof container for your Bolt on-the-go. It is also convertible into a three piece grinder by simply leaving the screening compartment out. With a 5cm diameter, the ZEUS Bolt is small enough to be carried around and big enough to also be a great home grinderanywhere or anytime.

Enjoy Zeus Bolt Grinder