The WorkHorse Fitness Trainer [$99.95]  is the ideal alternative to door mounted pull-up bars. It let’s you off-load a third of your body weight, so both men and women can target those neglected biceps and back muscles. Even if you are the pull-up master, the WorkHorse Fitness Trainer is a great addition to your workout. Inverted pull-ups target more of your upper back muscles, the direct antagonist to your chest muscles, than a regular pull-up. You would never do bicep curls without also targeting the opposing muscles, your triceps. So why would you only do push-ups and neglect half your upper body – and not do Pull-ups? Because the WorkHorse is portable, you no longer have to do pull-ups in the doorway or the garage. We are all crunched for time these days. So a short, high intensity, burst workout  can give you the results you are looking for. The WorkHorse if definitely Uber Apparatus!