Did you know Americans are spending an average of $103 a month — $1,236 a year — on cable? It’s no wonder so many are cutting the cable cord and looking for alternatives to their cable packages. A great, innovative option is Winegard’s Flatwave or Flatwave Amped broadcast antennas paired with a steaming service like Netflix of HuLu which allows you to access local news and sports while still being able to watch your favorite shows. From a cost-perspective this can also save big bucks as a broadcast antenna is a one-time fee and a streaming service is $10 a month on average (you also won’t be paying for channels you don’t watch).

We use the one pictured above and it works great. One thing we didn’t realize is that their are a lot of HD channels out there just floating around for FREE and the Winegard Flatwave picks them up and delivers a crystal clear signal.  $30 for the 30 mile range version and $60 for the 50 mile range amplified one. And the best part? No Monthly Fee!

Check  them out @: Winegard