World’s first sports car

The 1914 Vauxhall 25 hp 'Prince Henry' Sports Torpedo, often regarded as the world's first true sports car, sold for £516,700 ($657,185) at a Bonhams auction in London on December 4. Capable of hitting 80 miles per hour when it was first made, the Prince Henry...

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United Nude Lo Res Car

The United Nude Lo Res Car is a two-seater with the passenger sitting behind the driver. The Lo Res design method is based on the principle of re-designing the same object in a series, each time lowering the 3D resolution, resulting in a more fragmented and abstract...

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The Splinter Wooden Supercar

When most people think of a wooden vehicle, they don't think high performance. They are more likely to picture a canoe made of a hollowed-out log or a rickety wagon made of nailed-together planks. The Splinter wooden supercar, is not made from these construction...

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Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler is a new brand from Ducati that provides a fresh take on the values of the iconic Ducati Scrambler from the 1970s: initially built with the US market in mind, in just a few years it had become a worldwide success. The new design is post-heritage: it...

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2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy S

This hog will make you want to hit the highway. The 2016 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy S [Starting @ $16,699] features bullet-hole aluminum disc wheels, a five-gallon Fat Bob tank and half-moon floorboards. And if you are a fan of black, you're in luck, because the 2016 Fat...

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Maserati Boomerang Auction

The Maserati Boomerang concept car by Giorgetto Giugiaro, made its first appearance at the 1971 Turin motor show, now this automotive icon will be offered for sale by auction in September this year. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Boomerang looks like it's...

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AeroMobil – Flying Car

AeroMobil [$TBD] is a flying car that opens the door to litteral door-to-door travel. It fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be driven in everyday traffic just like any other car. As a plane it will be welcome at airports worldwide but...

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