“No cell coverage” sucks. but fortunately there is an easy way to avoid that when you are on the road. The weBoost Drive Sleek [$199]. We tried one of these units out and found it incredibly easy to install and set up. I have a few bad spots on my daily commute where my streaming cuts out and I always drop calls and I’m very happy to report that that is no longer an issue.

How it Works: The magic begins with the powerful exterior antenna, which magnetically attaches to the vehicle’s roof. This antenna reaches out to cellphone towers to receive signal with voice, text, and data and transmits this signal to the booster.

The booster receives this outside signal and amplifies each of the 5 frequency bands it supports up to 32x using a series of sophisticated low noise amplifiers and filters. The signal is then sent to the Drive Sleek cradle where the user can enjoy a stronger signal for faster data and clearer call quality. The cradle also receives outgoing signal from the cell phone and transmits a stronger signal back to the tower through the same process.

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