Binoculars are one of those things that men buy or receive as a gift during their lives once, if they’re fortunate enough to at all. These Walther Observer Binoculars are made by the same folk that created the infamous James Bond Walther PPK – so if that doesn’t add to their masculinity credentials, we don’t think anything would. Created for use in all weathers, the Walther tactical binoculars are fog proof, anti-snow and also waterproof – meaning they have a whole myriad of uses in innumerable weather conditions. Available with multicoated optics to reduce reflection, they come with fitted eye cups and right eye piece lens focus. There is also a central focusing wheel and dioptre setting scale. The lenses also come with covers, padded neck strap, belt and instructions for use. They truly are the sort of precision product that you’d expect James Bond to use and make a great Christmas present among other things.

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