Loud and with plenty of bottom-end goodness. Voombox-Party [$99] combined a passive radiator, a non-active but sympathetically vibrating membrane that massively increases the Voombox-Party’s sense of bass and fullness, with an actual subwoofer! OK, so it sounds awesome, but is it simple enough for my mom to use? YES! Incredibly intuitive and foolproof to set-up. Connects easily with NFC and stream rich,realistic sound thanks to its 2.1 design. It also plays with up to 8 hours of battery life. You can tell this thing is solidly constructed the moment you get it in your hands. The minimalist design is beautiful and looks good in the living room, at your camp site, by the pool or on your tailgate. Most of all it’s loud and clear with plenty of chest pumping bass. We definitely recommend the Voombox-Party.

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