The Volt Fairway Driver [$15] from MVP Disc Sports is designed for long, accurate placement shots. The Volt holds a straight line with a lot of length. I reached for the Volt Fairway Driver when accuracy was needed on long, narrow fairways. The Volt’s flight characteristics include both a slight turn and a reliable fade that you can count on. For average throwers (like me), the Volt will resist turn. I’ve heard others say that with high-power throws and headwinds,  it will activate the small turnover phase of flight, gaining distance and lateral movement. I did find that when you release it on a slight hyzer,  it tends to flip up flat before a ever-so-slight turn.  Where the Volt excels is it’s ability to range straight power-rip shots. It has stability and a power-responsive flight.   The driver’s weight is transferred to the very outer rim with it’s unique GYRO™ design, substantially increasing the disc’s gyroscopic property. This is the black rim that is what sets the MVP apart from any other disc on the market. I’ve read where others didn’t like the black rim (just the color, not the way the rim performs)  because it made it difficult to track in flight. But MVP says that the black plastic is necessary for consistency purposes because of the temps at which it cures. I love the way it looks, though and it was easy for me to track, but then again… I have Eagle Eyes and I throw it pretty slow. All around, it’s a great disc that I highly recommend. I REALLY dig the way it feels in my hand.

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