Named for the Italian explorer (not the swimming pool game), the Marco Polo [$74,000] was converted by Westfalia, an outfit which you might remember from classic VW camper vans if you followed the Grateful Dead, but which Daimler absorbed over them a decade ago. Offering “a maximum of opportunities to be independent, free and spontaneous,” the Marco Polo sleeps four thanks to the rear bench that electrically folds flat into a bed and the second berth under the pop-top. The interior is decked out like one would expect a modern Mercedes, with LED lighting as well as wood, metal and piano black trim. It has an onboard kitchenette with two gas burners, a sink and fridge with a 10 gallons of fresh water and an even bigger waste tank. All that gear is hauled around by a choice of four-cylinder turbodiesel engines ranging in output from 136 to 190 horsepower. The relatively compact form boasts a turning circle similar to a full-size sedan and a height designed to fit into most garages and car washes.

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