Like a lot of audiophiles, when it comes to headphones, I tend to prefer a wired connection over wireless. These 360° Z8 designer headphones [$118] from Veho exemplifies what a corded connection can provide. Solid performance and no charging. We always look at “The Big 3” when reviewing headphones – depth, mix, and isolation. Depth on the Z8’s is punchy and full. Mix was outstanding and the 40mm noise isolating technology was a 9.5, on the 1-10 scale. I really dig the foldable design  and the flex ‘anti’ tangle cord system. Now onto the quality of construction… Top Notch! From the feel of the soft leather earpieces, to the silicone headband and the generous use of aluminum in the frame and accents, these headphones will stand the test of time.

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