Being stuck indoors for winter will suck the life right out of you, especially when you’re plagued with problems working on those winter projects. Vampire Professional Tools has a holiday box set that will keep the blood flowing through your body. The Vampire Professional Tools “Holiday Gift Set” ($73) includes the one-of-a-kind VamPLIERS screw remover designed with vertically and horizontally serrated jaws to bite the heads off stripped, rusted, or stuck fasteners and screws, and the stainless steel versatile cut-all Super Combo Scissors that are designed to replace all your cheap dull scissors and slice through just about anything , around the home/jobsite like rope, carpet, and even wires

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Personalize them as a gift or to just keep others from getting their hands on it. The offer includes: 100% off Personalization, free gift wrapping, and free shipping! *Offer valid Dec 9-10, 2013 (Limited Supply of Sets)

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