Utube Game [$15 – $20] is the ultimate challenge! Once you get it looping, it requires what all sports require to be the best, and that’s sustaining the “Zone.” If you know any athletes, it’s perfect for teaching them the zone to make them better competitors and it’s just a lot of fun! 50% of the sales are to adults for adults. It may look too simple for a complex world of gadgets. But, once you loop it once, you’re an Utube addict. You have to go for two continuous loops. It requires only two simple teachings. To get the ball out: 1. Move the tube to the left and back. And as the ball enters the tube: 2. Apply a subtle lift. This keeps it going. A video tutorial is on our website. Utube reminds us of the days before the complex world became digitized. Simple fun that last a lifetime, like Hula.Hoop, Paddleball, Yo.Yo and many other staples of the time. Utube is the next generation! Simple Fun has returned!

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