Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on… or so the song goes… but not-to-worry,  Uncle Dougie’s Bloody Mary Mixes [$19.99] has you covered. The good folks over at Uncle Dougie’s have an amazing collection of Bloody Mary Mixes.  They have 3 awesome flavors. RICH N’SPICY – my personal favorite – is featured in high-end restaurants throughout Chicago, and raved about by everyone who knows anything about these sort of things.  If you are like me – and like a spicy mix – this one is perfection. They also have POMMY MANGO which  is so refreshing and delicious that you just might skip the Vodka.  Okay, that’s pushing it. But this is possibly the healthiest–and tastiest day drinking you will ever enjoy. Last and certainly not least is their Rich N’Mild which is the perfect mix for those of you who do not like it hot (AKA spice wuss).  The RICH N’MILD features fresh-blended flavor and quality without the heat. And speaking of quality, they don’t have the “crap” that is usually found in other mixes, like HFCS and MSG. Uncle Dougie’s Bloody Mary Mixes can be found at Whole Foods Market as well as many other grocery stores across America.  Uncle Dougie’s also sells their mixes through their cool website and yes, they ship their products all over the world! And that’s “No Crap!”