Uncle Dougie’s started in 1989 when Doug Tomek decided to find a way to make spicy wings at home without the mess and added fat and calories that come along with frying. Well I can tell you that he nailed it.  I marinated  some chicken breasts in the Kung-Fused Asian Marinade  and just threw them on the grill and it was the best chicken I have ever grilled.  On a few boneless tenders, I used the Downright Tasty Seasoning & Rub and again it was … wait a minute, I just realized that I can’t really describe how good it is. You have to get some and try it. You’ll love it.  Uncle Dougie’s has a LOT of great sauces, marinades and rubs. You can get awesome combo packages such as The Sauceologist, Bring the Heat!, Good Rubbin’ (LOL) and don’t forget the Good Mornin’! (Bloody Mary Mixes). Uncle Dougie’s can be found at Whole Foods Market and many, many other grocery and specialty meat retailers. Or get your fix through the Uncle Dougie’s website. There you can order Uncle Dougie’s awesome clean-label products in convenient shipper boxes for yourself and anyone who appreciates the best! Uncle Dougie’s has been Uber Tested and is Uber Approved!

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