TUNZ Bluetooth Speaker [$149.99] from TYLT is a great little speaker that packs a punch. Like the Jawbone’s Jambox, the TUNZ Bluetooth Speaker utilizes a twin active & one passive driver system.  It comes with three nifty Y-shaped rubber bands that can be swapped out to change the accent color. the TUNZ  will play for 20 hours on 1/2 volume, and will also recharge your iPhone at full speed with it’s charging cable. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 for super past pairing and re-pairing, and also has a microphone for speakerphone functionality which comes in very handy. It has exceptional sound quality for a speaker this size. I really like the way it comes on with a time-warp like rumble & sound effect. You can feel the power this little speaker has when you hold it in your hands. TUNZ has been Uber-Tested and is Uber-Approved!