TrackR Device for Smartphones [$29.95] is the most innovative and easy-to-use solution to never losing your items again ­ keys, wallets, backpacks, etc. Compatible on both Android and iOS, TrackR connects to our slim connected devices to keep a virtual leash on your personal belongings. The TrackR uses BLE to maintain that constant connection to your smartphone. And as of today, Phone Halo is proud to announce that TrackR is the first app on the market that has taken advantage of Android 4.3’s BLE capabilities to give the user the best tracking experience possible. In addition to harnessing this BLE technology, we’ve created Crowd Source Tracking, a LoJack-type concept without the monthly fee. For example, if you lose an item, our app will put other users on alert and if another user walks nearby the lost item, his/her phone will detect your lost item’s signal and alert our cloud server. Our server will then update you with updated GPS.

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