Check out the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch [$1,150-1,250]. When it comes to an outdoor watch from a Swiss brand this is the “watch to beat” . I have come to love Tissot’s T-Touch collection for its style, functionality, and character.  The ease at which you interact with the piece is what the T-Touch line is known for, via touches to its sapphire crystal. It’s 2014 and in case you didn’t know,  solar-powered is the way to go – things keep on running, and you don’t have to worry about changing out a battery (or hooking into an outlet) with any frequency – the watch just plain works. Since solar charging can be a bit of a mystery until the hands stop moving, Tissot thoughtfully put a charge indicator on the watch as well. It features a titanium case and the a fore mentioned sapphire crystal. With its solar charging capabilities, this is a manly watch that’s ready for any outdoors adventure you throw at it.

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