Literally the Filet Mignon Of Jerky, Three Jerks Jerky [$15] is the culmination of best friends, Jordan Barrocas and Daniel Fogelson, who sought to bring flavor and culinary class to the beef jerky industry. Three Jerks Jerky, “The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky,” is made from 100% filet mignon and all natural ingredients and spices. Offering three distinctly unique flavors, Original, Memphis BBQ, and Chipotle Adobo, the combination of premium filet mignon and highly curated flavors produce the most tender and tasty cuts of beef jerky. Sold online and throughout stores across the country, Three Jerks Jerky is the perfect treat for aristocrats, foodies, and jerks alike.  Life’s too short to spend it eating crappy jerky. Get the best and ditch the rest. Three Jerks Jerky ROCKS!

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