In the recent past, I have been posting relationship advice articles for men. I must admit that am very humbled to see how most people have appreciated me through our website for posting relevant and real life relationship advice that has worked for all of them. While I was going through your comments about my articles on Uber Apparatus, I came across several comments from men which really touched me.

 “Am getting ready for my first date on Friday, am getting more nervous because I just do not know what to say to her. Kindly help.”

“I went on a date with a girl I met through an online dating site. It did not go as planned because I was numb. I could not figure out the right thing to say to her. I need you advice doctor love”

Those were some of the comments I read on our website. As the only female writer for Uber Apparatus, I chose to give the men an idea of what we love to hear on our first date. Remember most ladies make up their minds in the first ten minutes their date. If you say the right things to us, then you minimize your chances of rejection. You might be wondering what I mean by “right things”. Uber Apparatus is here to help you understand.

Tell her how beautiful she looks

On our first date, we do our best to ensure we look outstanding, attractive and amazing. We wear the most beautiful dresses we have so as to impress our dates. Romantic men will always say sweet things about how a lady looks. “You look extremely beautiful in that dress.” It is no secret that ladies love to hear these words. You should tell her these words immediately you set your eyes on her. It will not make any sense when you tell her these words while you are parting of after someone else, probably the waiter has already said them to her.

Ask the right questions

Your first date is your chance to know your partner better. You need to as her questions about her personality. A romantic man asks questions with politeness. Do not be rude. For instance you can say, “Excuse me, could you please tell me more about yourself?” Ladies are always impressed when they hear this question because it gives them an idea that you are interested in them. It is true anyway. While asking questions is a good idea, be careful not to as too many question that dig in to her private life.

Thank her for the nice time you had together

When ladies go on a date, they probably must have left some other important things to do at work, home or college. You need to thank her for coming while you are having a meal together. After the date, that is when you are seeing her off, tell her how you enjoyed her company and that you would love to meet her again.

written by Scarlett Lohan