Hey, dude living under a rock, craft beer is huge these days. And why not? Micro-breweries are 2015’s version of the 1990’s coffee shop. Only way more cool! (I’m looking at you, David Schwimmer). Author, Jess Lebow has written the most awesome book ever for beer aficionados. In The United States of Craft Beer [$15], beer expert and homebrewer Jess Lebow invites you along on his state-by-state exploration of America’s greatest breweries. From Pisgah Brewing Company in North Carolina to the Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii, this guide gives you interesting insights into the people who make the nation’s best-tasting beers and the innovative brewing methods that help create the perfect batch. Each tasty entry also highlights local beers that can be found throughout that state, so that you can sample every delicious sip the United States has to offer. It has awesome  photos of the beers and breweries. Perfect on the  coffee, er, … I mean beer table.

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