The Train You I Can Yoda [$180] is the lifelike Jedi master that trains young Padawans to fully embrace The Force. With all the realism of the iconic Star Wars character, including 115 spoken phrases (“Ready to train, are you?”), a convincing latex body, his little Yoda robe, and an illuminated lightsaber, this interactive 17 1/2″-tall Yoda assumes three roles for interactive play. As a warrior, Yoda demonstrates his lightsaber technique with lifelike 360° spins, strikes, and parries, granted by seven built-in micro-motors. Yoda trains students how to use The Force to push him backward—a motion sensor detects your movement and hidden wheels roll him away—and his left palm glows when he detects the dark side of The Force. When holding his cane, Yoda’s built-in voice recognition technology responds to six key phrases, to which he will answer yes or no questions to impart wisdom—your interactions reveal to him whether your intentions are good or evil.

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