Before he was Iron Man, he was Jack Jericho – Pick-up Artist. If you get a chance, check out The Pick-up Artist. (The Classic 80’s movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald (not the lame MTV Show with that creepy dude in the pimp hat). It’s a decent 80’s flick and you just may learn something. Below are a few awesome lines from the movie that will get you noticed along with some other advice to help you get lucky in love.

  • Hi, my name’s <your name here>.  I like you.  Do you like me?
  • Did anyone ever tell you that you have the face of a Botticelli and the body of a Degas?
  • Did anyone ever tell you you’re too good to be true?

Some other tips (Not from the movie) that will help you make an impression

  • Ask who she is and what she likes to do. Women love talking about themselves and this allows you to come up with an innovative date she’ll love. That is, if she says yes.
  • Don’t be a douche. “I went to Harvard. I work for the CIA. I live in a sick penthouse.. I’m also an astronaut.”
  • Don’t self-deprecate either. Starting with something negative like, “I am an applications programmer. It’s really boring,” won’t get you where you want to go. How do you follow up when someone tells you how crappy their life is? It’s awkward.

So now you have broken the ice and she’s accepted your offer of a date. What’s next?

  • Don’t go to dinner on your first date because the table sets up a physical barrier. A meal is great after you get to know someone a little better but a major physical barrier between you and your date can prevent the natural chemistry from bubbling up. Maybe sit at the bar.
  • Keep the subject primarily about her. Be conscious of how often YOU are using the word “I” and keep it to a minimum.
  • Be a little touchy throughout the date. Sort of a test of physical interest. There’s nothing more awkward than that end-of-the-night moment when you’re both wondering if you should kiss. If you’re flirting and touching (a touch to her arm, shoulder or hand… NOT GROPING) then it alleviates the tension. But obviously, this touchiness should be well-received — if it’s not, stop.

In the end, it’s all about confidence, or at least the perception of confidence. This doesn’t mean you should act smug or like a jackhole. True confidence means you don’t need to act like an ass to be noticed.  Now go make some memories.