The Outback  from Ridgemont Outfitters [$125] is an extremely versatile style. Constructed of durable 2mm waxed full grain leather, waxed cotton canvas, an Ortholite innersole and a lugged vulcanized outsole, it’s designed to stand up to all but the most extreme environments. Unlike most other hiking boots however, it’s not so bulky that you’ll look like you just got finished hiking the Muir trail if you feel like grabbing some breakfast after your morning hike. With it’s ability to blend into any situation and its rugged construction, The Outback will surely be one of your most trusted adventuring companions. While Ridgemont may not be the shoe for the guy who’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail for two months, other brands have that on lock and fashion comes a distant second there. Simply put, they’re casual hikers in line with what most people need when they’re hiking. The Outback pairs nicely with jeans, dickies, shorts or cords. Ridgemont Outfitters makes great looking, well made, simply styled shoes.

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