Announcing the “Hoverboard,” a personal electric vehicle to be launched on Kickstarter September 17, 2015 and culminating October 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly, in Back to the Future II, traveled into the future to discover the Hoverboard.  The personal electric vehicle hopes to  produce the sensation of surfing on land. The Hoverboard is targeting the higher-end consumer market. The Hoverboard has a single, electrically motorized, 10″ diameter wheel in the center of its deck. The narrow wheel is computer-controlled and driven by as much as 5,000 watts of power to keep the rider balanced while also producing acceleration on demand. Leaning forward causes the Hoverboard to accelerate, and leaning back causes it to decelerate, or go the other direction. There are no controls to hold in your hand. While the computer and power electronics automatically keep the Hoverboard under the rider front-to-back, the riders themselves develop the skill to balance side to side, maneuver and ultimately “carve.” The experience evolves from hovering, to fully surfing on land.

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