Winter is a great time for hanging outside and downing some tasty brew. Summer is OK, but your beer gets warm and you get sweaty. The only problem WAS finding the right jacket to wear when you are outdoors enjoying your favorite beer. Notice I said was… I present to you, The Drinking Jacket [$85] This feature-packed hoodie is the uber accessory for anyone who consumes liquids! This high-quality hoodie will help you open, transport and consume the beverage of your choice (Beer). It Includes: a bottle opener zipper; neoprene lined can and bottle pocket; and built in and foldable drinking mits among other features! The Drinking Jacket was one of the most successful Kickstarters in history! Brought to you by the ultimate drinks connoisseur Zane Lamprey, it is safely assured that all your drinking necessities will be fulfilled. the Drink Jacket is absolutely Uber Apparatus!

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