As EON Productions celebrate 50 years of Bond, it’s worth remembering that Sean Connery was introducing himself as 007 long before man went to the Moon. As part of their ongoing celebrations, EON have granted TASCHEN editor Paul Duncan unparalleled access to their immense archives of photos, designs, storyboards and production materials to produce the new book, The James Bond Archives [$200]. After two years diligently sifting through over a million images and 100 filing cabinets of documents, Duncan’s collation of previously unpublished photography and artwork is a definitive and comprehensive pictorial tribute to 007, and the complete account of the story of Bond, beginning with DR. NO (1962) and ending with the upcoming SKYFALL (2012). Over 600 pages deep and packed with the anecdotes and recollections of 150 cast and crew members, TASCHEN’s new arrival equates to half a century of Bond’s adventures.

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