From the tee box, the Tangent Midrange Driver from MVP Disc Sports is amazingly “aim & sling” friendly. Once you find it’s line and trust it, the Tangent will repeatedly hit that line. When slung with powerful flat release, the Tangent starts to turn to the right and holds that line pretty well. Give it a little hyzer and the Tangent will easily flip flat, turn modestly and finish straight. The Tangent doesn’t have a extreme amount of glide which in-turn  allows it to be dead-on.  While it possesses some turn, it can’t be really be classified as a “flipper”  by any means. The turn is actually very controllable and as I tossed it into a headwind it delivered expected results. It does turn a bit quicker under headwind conditions, but doesn’t flip over and bale-out like  a lot of discs with similar characteristics. The Tangent didn’t provide many huge skips. It will also hold both a slight anyhzer line and finish flat as well as  finish slightly to the left when released flat or with a minute amount of hyzer. I enjoyed throwing the Tangent and watching it deliver again and again. So will you!

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