In September of this year, Adam Wright of North Carolina was lucky enough to beat out thousands of other contestants to have The Wright Sauce featured on Supermarket Superstar. While he didn’t win, he did learn a ton from some of the best in the food industry. He knew what had to be done to go to the next level and turn a great sauce into a truly awesome sauce. Help turn his dream into a reality. The BBQ sauce market is already over saturated and has very little diversity. Adam wants The Wright Sauce to be the change the industry so desperately needs. We have no doubt that once you try The Wright Sauce, you’ll too become a believer. The sauce contains honey, habanero peppers, and the best ingredient of all BACON! Currently, Adam has run out of storage space. Much to his girlfriend’s dismay he is taking up most of the free space in his dining room. He has a ┬ábarn but needs to convert it for sauce storage and shipping space. Help Adam reach his $3000 goal, to fix up his shed and to do another full production run of Honey Apple Bacon. Back this Kickstarter Project, we did!

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Wright Sauce Sloppy Joes Recipe

What you will need

  • 1 LB ground hamburger
  • 1 bottle Honey Habanero Bacon
  • 1 pack hamburger buns


  • Brown hamburger in a pan
  • Strain and return the pan
  • Coat hamburger with The Wright Sauce
  • Serve on bun!