With the SYNC GPS Watch [$79.99] syncing to MapMyRun is fast and easy. The SYNC GPS Watch wirelessly connects to the MapMyRun App using Bluetooth Smart technology, enabling a seamless transfer of data within seconds. GPS based speed and distance is now quickly available at a glance. After your data is synced to MapMyRun, your fitness activities are ready to view, analyze and share. Basically, the watch syncs to the MapMyFitness app via Bluetooth and makes it easy for you to glance at your wrist to check your pace and to see how far you’ve gone on a run or walk. It’s also handy if you’re phone’s in your pocket and you’d like to measure how far you’re going, say if you want to take a walk across town or in the park. The two main things that sets the SYNC GPS apart from similar devices is its affordable price and the fact that it requires no charging – it has a yearlong battery life. 

Available online and in store at Walmart, Best Buy, Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods