It’s called SwitchBlade TriCopter, a professional grade multicopter designed with a focus on user experience, value and state-of-the-art flight technology. The SwithBlade was developed by Vision Aerial – a start-up company located in Bozeman Montana – that specializes in manufacturing remote aerial platforms.  TriCopters, much like QuadCopters, HexaCopters and OctoCoptors are part of the MultiCopter genre of aircraft.  MultiCopters utilize multiple rotors and state-of-the-art processor based flight controllers to keep them aloft. The SwitchBlade is designed to be an open platform.  Easily & conveniently upgradable, it stands out as testament to a design focused from day one on adding value to you, the user. The SwitchBlade has been conceived, designed and manufactured in the US.  Only basic off-the-shelf electronics are purchased outside the US.  All we are saying is back this Kickstarter project, we did!

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