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Carnforth Mahogany

This refined wingcap boot is made from luxurious leather that has been finished by hand for a unique depth of colour. The hardwearing Goodyear welted construction is built to last, with the leather ageing beautifully over time. This sophisticated boot can be styled...

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O2Amp Eyewear

Are you, or someone you know, color blind? Then these glasses would make a great holiday gift. Invented and patented by scientists from Princeton and Caltech, O2Amp Eyewear [$304] corrects and dramatically enhances retinal color perception. -- What does that mean?...

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Put your booty (and feet) in some bamboo! Boodywear is a body and loungewear collection for men and women that's sourced from the finest quality yarn spun from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. We tried Boodywear out and let me tell you, it is...

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Fatheadz Sunglasses

A big man wearing tiny jacket is almost as funny as a big head with tiny shades on it. If you are like me, and have a generous amount of skull, then read on by bobble headed brothers. Fatheadz is the nation's only maker of XXL sunglasses and optical eyewear. Featuring...

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Zoinx Sunglasses

Bright sun... meet bright idea. Losing your sunglasses when you're landing the big one, sucks big time. So the good folks over at Zoinx sunglasses [$109] came up with a solution. Yea, the sunglass strap isn't a new idea, but Zoinx's strap has multiple purposes. The...

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Air Jordan XXX

The Air Jordan XXX [$200] recently debuted at an exclusive media event in Chicago. Heralded as the greatest performing Air Jordan yet (Surprise!!!), the XXX features a knit and woven upper highlighted by a unique toe cap and FlightSpeed chassis. The shoe will...

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Ridgemont Outfitters – The Monty

It's easy to see that Ridgemont Outfitters created the Monty [$99] with both urban aesthetic and rugged durability in mind. I really dig the classic design. It combines the essential technical qualities found in a hiking shoe with visually appealing kicks to wear for...

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DZR Mechanic Shoes

If you've been waiting for a pair of shoes that you can use with your clipless pedals but that don't necessary look like "biking shoes", then this is the shoe you seek. The DZR Mechanic [$99]  is a shoe that effortlessly goes from commuting duty to office duty. The...

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Star Wars Silk Ties

These awesome Star Wars Silk Ties [$54.99 - $64.99] come in 4 different styles and color combinations. The 100% silk, handmade ties allow you to get you geek on and strike back against the empire. Buy:...

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