Whether you’re looking for an affordable tech upgrade for yourself, or a gift for someone always on the go, the Surface Pro 3 [$800] is here to save the holiday shopping stress! Lightweight, sleek and durable, The Surface Pro 3 brings the best of a laptop and tablet together into one perfect, powerful package. The Surface Pro 3 is an entirely new model with a larger screen. Microsoft has increased the size of the display to 12-inches and upped the resolution to 2160 x 1440. That makes the screen 38% larger than the Surface Pro 2 and adds 50% more pixels. The new kickstand in the Surface Pro 3 has been changed. No longer are you limited to the two positions in the Surface Pro 2, instead you get a multi-position kickstand that features a friction-hinge. This allows you to pick any angle between zero and 150 degrees for viewing. Surface Pro 3 comes with Windows 8.1 Pro which means you can install your favorite desktop software, including the full Microsoft Office Suite and thousands of other essential programs for business and creativity.

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