You like listening to music on your phone, but you probably don’t like all the text and push notifications disturbing your listening experience. There will soon be a new way to listen to music interruption free and it’s called Sugr Cube [$199] . Sugr Cube is the world’s first intuitive Wi-Fi speaker that streams online music with intuitive controls. What makes Sugr Cube so unique is that it’s designed without any buttons. To play, pause and share music on Sugr Cube… tap the top of the Cube. To skip a song… tilt the cube right or left. Sugr Cube directly streams online music or Internet radio via Wi-Fi. Smartphones can be used as the Cubes remote controller, but the Cube also works perfectly even when smartphones are switched off. Sugr Cube supports iTunes music, Pandora, BBC radio and Douban FM. You can also transfer your favorite music from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices to Sugr Cube. Sugr Cube also allows users to simultaneously listen to streamed online music with friends anywhere and delivers music with perfect sound quality. For example, someone in Raleigh NC can be listening to songs on the Cube and share their playlist with a Sugr Cube user simultaneously in London. You can store hundreds of songs on the Cube and a built-in rechargeable battery lasts for seven hours of music playback.

Sugr Cube has a MSRP of $199.00 and will be available in July 2015. Sugr Cube’s Kickstarter pre-order price is $119.00 with a campaign end date of February 12, 2015.