The StickNFind [$49.99 for two] is a Bluetooth-enabled location sticker about the size of a quarter that can track just about anything – from keys to wallets to even pets – within a 150 ft. radius. Using Bluetooth SMART, the sticker is able to be tracked through a free, downloadable smartphone application. The StickNFind is a must have for those traveling who need to keep tabs on items that can be easily misplaced or lost, like keys, wallets, laptops, tablets and other essentials. It also sports a “virtual leash” feature that allows you to keep track of a sticker within set parameters. If a sticker moves out of range, your phone will let you know. We had a great time at the Uber Office playing “hide my keys” yesterday. Jenny – our Graphic Designer – hid them around  the office, but I was able to find them very easily. So even more than just being a great way to keep track of your stuff. I can see that we will have hours of fun just hiding stuff and finding it with the Stick-N-Find. Stick-N-Find has been Uber-Tested and is Uber-Awesome!

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