The SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Mouse [$160] is THE wireless gaming mouse. Most serious gamers won’t consider a wireless mouse. Not because they love wires, but because usually, wireless mice just don’t cut it when it comes to performance. But that’s not a concern for the Sensei. The Sensei Wireless has a polling rate of 1000Hz, which is equivalent to a response rate of one millisecond (freaking fast). That speed is key because it eliminates the lag that afflicts the majority of wireless mice. Few (if any) wireless devices offer such high polling rates. The Sensei Wireless is far-and-away the best wireless gaming mouse we’ve laid our hands on. But wait there’s more. If you just have to have a wire, Sensei has you covered. You can wire this bad boy on up to the USB cable that normally attaches to its large charging hub. The charging hub has an LED ring, colored to match the mouse’s battery status: green for about 20 percent and above, yellow for 5- to 20 percent, and red for less than 5 percent. As with most SteelSeries devices these days, you can customize this to any color scheme you prefer. Click for click, this Cadillac of gaming mice is Uber Awesome! I am effortlessly grinding out gear in Diablo III with my Sensei firmly in hand.

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