The SpiderPro Camera Holster [$135] is Spider Holster’s breakthrough product, offering unique, unparalleled comfort and safety for professional photographers and enthusiasts with professional-grade equipment. Developed by professional wedding photographers, the SpiderPro Camera Holster allows photographers to carry their camera on their hip, relieving them from the neck, back and shoulder pain associated with carrying their equipment on their upper body. The SpiderPro is the original and best camera holster for professional photographers. The patented ball-joint system gives your camera just enough freedom of movement so it’s not rigidly bolted to your body. Your lens is positioned to point backward, allowing you to squat freely without the worry of damaging your lens, no matter the size. Worried about your flash? Don’t! The camera holster positions your flash to run parallel with your leg, keeping it safe and out of the way. Spider Holster’s quick release system also allows you to remove your camera from its locked position with ease, ensuring that you’ll never miss a shot. The SpiderPro Holster comes in single and dual camera systems, so you can carry one or two cameras at a time!

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