It’s Back In Black! Not the AC/DC song, but the uber-cool customizable robot from SPHERO. With the new Darkside Ollie [$129], you can launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds or spin and drift with pre-loaded app-powered tricks. This little dark monster rolls at speeds of up to 14 mph and connects seamlessly to your device via Bluetooth with a range of up to 100 feet. Ollie turns on a dime with its Nubby Tires but you can switch them out for some slicks and get your drift on. The upgraded app – launching with the device – quickly detects which version of Ollie you’re using and works to reflect the bot’s personality, allowing for a deeper connection between you and your robot. You can also create incredibly cool accessories with a 3D printer to further the┬ámod experience. We spent hours experimenting with Ollie and it is truly amazing. We set up an obstacle course in the parking lot and soon drew a crowd of spectators wanting to know where to get an Ollie. We told them they are available online at the SPHERO website, or at Best Buy, Brookstone, Radio Shack, the Apple Store and a slew of other places where big boy toys can be found. It’s definitely number one with a bullet, it’s a power pack.