The SOUND+SLEEP sound compositions (SoundStories) do not repeat and are a little different every time you listen to them. It’s like sleeping in a new custom made natural environment every night. There are 60 SoundStories to pick from. SoundStories include multiple versions of Waterfall, Fireplace, Ocean, Meadow, Train, City, Rainfall, Brook, Meditation, White Noise, and Electric Fan. A study by a leading consumer magazine found that sound machines such as SOUND+SLEEP are nearly as effective as prescription sleep medications, and more effective than over-the-counter sleep medications or aids, without the side-effects. SOUND+SLEEP with its patented, first of its kind Adaptive Sound technology has the ability to continually and automatically “listen” to each user’s background and adjust accordingly for unwanted and disruptive ambient noises. The small machine fits perfectly on a night stand and is easy to operate. SOUND+SLEEP is the perfect sleeping partner.

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