Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind – Smoked Maple Syrup [$12.00] is probably not what you might expect at first glance. Smoked Maple Syrup is for cooking with, used in small amounts in savory dishes, sauces, and cocktails. The good folks at Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind have been making it for about 6 years. They make their syrup in Londonderry, Vermont and infuse the darkest maple syrup with real wood smoke to make this magical addition to American cuisine. Nothing else is added. Using food grade compressed air and venturi injection principles, they bubble low temperature maple and beech wood smoke through a finished vat of maple syrup for roughly 24 hours. Key aromatic notes and flavors are preserved while they re-filter the infused syrup to deliver a clean consistent product for your cooking pleasure. Visit their website for lots of awesome recipes. We tried a super easy one… “Sugar Bob’s Quick Dipping Sauce” and it is the best dipping sauce I have ever dunked a tender in!

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