After 25 years selling quirky products, the company behind the in-flight catalog SkyMall filed for bankruptcy protection, a victim of … Among the top sellers on’s website is the Litter Robot, a self-cleaning litter box that costs between $339.99 and $359.99. AUTOMATED PET CARE PRODUCTS The Orbitwheel by Inventist is a cross between a skateboard and pair of inline skates. SkyMall’s website sells them for $99.99 and says it’s “a skate so great you’ll want to take it everywhere.” INVENTIST A 3Doodler Pen and a packet of plastic sticks. The glue gun-like device melts the plastic sticks leaving a thin trail of cooling, solidifying plastic. SkyMall sells the device with two packs of sticks for $99.99. ASSOCIATED PRESS The $23.95 Chevalier Aerating Wine Glass lets you “release wine flavor and aroma without waiting,” according to SkyMall’s catalog. CHEVALIER COLLECTION The Tablift Universal Tablet Stand costs $59.95 on SkyMall’s website, which promises: “Relax. It’s not going to tip over.” TABLIFT

via SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy – WSJ.