The SKIL® Ratch-N-Lock Pliers [$24.99] are the first ever self-adjusting, ratcheting locking pliers on the market. With a ratcheting mechanism, the SKIL® Ratch-N-Lock Pliers work effectively mimicking the use of the following tools: clamp, locking pliers, groove joint pliers, ratchet, adjustable wrench, and most sockets.Built by Iron Bridge Tools and licensed through SKIL, the Ratch-N-Lock pliers are made with high-strength steel construction ensuring a long and durable life. The handles are oil-resistant and anti-slip, perfect for any environment; and with its high, dual-pivot design to maximize gripping power, users can provide maximum pressure with ease when locking onto materials. I used them this weekend multiple times while decorating for the Holidays and they came in handy and really perform like a champ. Once again SKIL has a winning product on there hands…and IN your hands!.