Show Your Work by Austin Kleon [$7.56]  is a great follow-up of the best-selling book, Steal like an Artist. This book is a 10-step beginner’s guide to self-promotion and tells you the artist, how to think about your process and not your final product, sharing your talent with others daily, teaching others what you know, learning to get your ass kicked and how to get back up and dust yourself off. Just like Kleon’s first book he uses quotes, photographs, and diagrams compliment his writing. He reminds the artist how interested people are in the creative process. Become a writer, start a sketchbook, become a collector of your ideas and  you will feel your progress. Then when it is time to make your art and share it you will have tons and tons of material. Keep making art and sharing it until you learn that criticism can’t hurt you and it may even help you. Now get on with it, create art and share your work!

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