Shavez Shaving Scrub [$18]  is a multi-tasking cleanser, a pre-shave prep, and a shaving oil all in one. It is triple whipped to give a guys skin a great cleansing AND shaving experience. I REALLY love the spicy scent… Juniper, White Sage, Aquamarine create a crisp woodsy blend. It also contains  Jojoba oil which can, in most cases, be used on acne prone skin without any problems as it helps to control acne. Jojoba oil is also an antioxidant and contains myristic acid which has anti-inflammatory actions.  I was bit skeptical when I was trying out Shavez for the first time, since it wasn’t like the creams and gels I had been used to.  But, I am really impressed with how well it works. It felt great rubbing it on my face, and then the razor just glided over my skin and delivered a great shave with NO irritation. Shavez has been Uber-Tested and is absolutely Uber-Awesome!

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