Getting a rip in your $200 Muck Boots™ is enough to make grown man cry but we just discovered a way to make those tears of sorrow turn into tears of joy!  SG-20 [$20] is made of a propriety blend of two-part polyurethane adhesive material that adheres to neoprene, polyurethane, rubber and leather making it ideal for repairing many different styles of outdoor boots including the afire mentioned Muck Boots™, rain boots, XTRATUF boots, as well as clothing such as waders, frog toggs, and rain gear.

Damaged gear can be fixed quickly in the field by simply wiping away surface dirt and water from the damaged material and applying SG-20. Whereas other repair adhesives may require up to 24 hours to cure, SG-20 sets in one minute and dries in one hour, creating a smooth, water-tight seal and keeping air, dirt and debris out. After it’s dry, SG-20 remains flexible, moving naturally with the material. Repairs with SG-20 are incredibly durable, lasting five or more years in the field.

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