You know what would be awesome? Underwear with a pouch to keep your junk in. Well, you guessed it. There’s an app for that. Well better than an app, there’s SAXX Underwear. SAXX Underwear [$30-$80] differs from ordinary underwear because of their patented inner mesh panels designed to reduce unwanted friction & chafe, providing all day comfort. Basically they have a pouch built inside them to house your dude piston and family jewels. They are incredibly comfy. Additional features include a moisture wicking waistband, semi-compression, quick-dry, some of the most comfortable fabric (ranging from merino wool to modal), & a variety of patterns and colors in every style.These are the perfect underwear for traveling because they provide all day comfort sitting on a plane for 12 hours, hitting the slopes, or hiking through the mountains. First thing you’ll notice when taking them out of the box is the high quality of the material and the construction. If you are still wearing regular old ordinary underwear, it’s time to get out of your metaphoric “comfort zone” and into the veritable comfort zone, which is SAXX.  They have Everyday and Performance Collections and they come in all styles, from Briefs & Boxers to Long John.

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