Dr. Squatch Soap [$8] is amazing. Much like the mighty Sasquatch who roams free and unhindered by the stress of modern society, most men enjoy exploring and pursuing an active life, making cleansing time all that much sweeter. Everyone here at Uber Apparatus agrees that Dr. Squatch Soap is awesome! We recommend the SOAPSCRIPTION – FRESH TO DEATH, your soap delivered on repeat. This killer plan is for 3 bars a month.  Perfect for the big time shower’er and supreme latherer’.  You get free shipping, and it’s only $14 per month. And while you’re at it, you’ll definitely want to give someone the most awesome and unique gift they will receive this year, so  go for the DR. SQUATCH GIFT BOX. You can’t go wrong with a Sasquatch Soap Gift Box. Four bars nestled in a manly wooden box.  The scents are incredible.  No excuse me while I go hit my outdoor shower and pretend I’m a Sasquatch under a waterfall!

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