Turning up the volume to block out external noise is bad for your hearing. These Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones [$249] are true noise-canceling headphones which isolates and removes unwanted sound while preserving the original audio signal. That means you can listen to audio at much lower volumes than you would otherwise. High-definition 40mm drivers combine with 4 MIC Active Noise Cancellation and aptX® sound technology to deliver impeccably clear sound with full range and chest pumping bass at any volume. Using advanced dual-layered diaphragm technology, the Level On Wireless reproduces balanced, natural-sounding audio throughout all frequencies. Designed for maximum listening comfort, the Level On Wireless is perfect for long flights or a night of music. The uber-soft ear cushions and padded headband work with a lightly-tensioned frame for an incredible listening experience. Command touch controls built into the headset frame keep music and phone controls easy, intuitive and right at your fingertips. Samsung’s reputation for producing benchmark products continues to grow and grow. We highly recommend these Samsung Level On Wireless Headphones.

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