It would be unbelievable to think that Dick Tracey would not be quite envious of the new Samsung Gear S [$299]. One thing I do know… the design team at Apple has got be envious . The Samsung Gear S has a 2-inch 360 x 480 display which uses Samsung’s trademark Super AMOLED technology. And as it is with all Samsung tech, it’s intuitive and simple to swipe through. Notifications, ‘Do not disturb’ mode and the app drawer are all just a swipe away. The popular S Health app is included, taking advantage of the step counter, heart rate monitor and GPS features of the Gear S. Along with the step counter and heart-rate monitor, there are a lot of other welcome features such as brightness and UV sensors. That’s right… the Gear S can tell you how dangerous the sunlight levels you’re being exposed to are. The Gear S gives you the option of waking it with a gesture or – for the first time in a Tizen watch – have an always-on clock face! How cool is that?! The Gear S is powered by a rechargeable 300mAh battery and lasts for several  days. The ergonomic curved face of the Gear S makes it easy to see all of your rich notifications and information. You’ll get a handful of awesome apps right out of the box, plus there’s plenty more to download. You can enjoy preloaded apps like Milk Music™, which lets you stream music directly to your Gear S, and HERE Maps, which gives navigation when you need it. Samsung GALAXY Apps has some killer new apps like TripCase and INRIX®, as well as your favorites like CNN and Yelp. The biggest game changer here is, that unlike the Apple Watch, you can use a SIM card in the Gear S, so if it’s paired with a Samsung phone, you can leave your phone at home and use the Gear S  for calls, messaging and internet when you’re out and about.

If you are like me, durability is VERY important. One of our interns recently bought an Apple Watch and he broke it after just 2 days by simply dropping in on the bathroom floor. I’ve dropped the Gear S several times on a tile floor (yea, I’m a bit clumsy) and it didn’t phase the Gear S AT ALL! I’m no engineer but I think the curved face adds strength to the Gear S. So it more than passes the Uber Apparatus durability test. With all of the awesomeness exuded by the Gear S, the decision to award it with the Uber Apparatus Best Of Breed Award was a no-brainer.

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